Use Cases

Diverse use scenarios with Saaster

Scenario 1

Develop your own SaaS offering using Saaster as the base software

  1. 1. Develop your own SaaS offering, such as a CRM, video platform, or project management software
  2. 2. Create modules (additional functions/plugins) within your main software that customers can purchase separately
  3. 3. Create only modules without the main app (module-based offering), such as a platform with various interfaces
Scenario 2

Using Saaster without programming

Of course, Saaster also offers the option to use it as standard software for various purposes without the need for individual programming.

Here are some specific application examples:

  1. 1. Manage registrations and customers
  2. 2. Generate and send invoices
  3. 3. Enable payments with various methods
  4. 4. Sell subscriptions
Szenario 3

Using the Saaster API for your external SaaS solution

With the Saaster API, you can easily incorporate the basics of a SaaS software into an externally programmed SaaS solution, including creating plans and modules, accepting payments, and recharging credit cards on a monthly/yearly basis.