Subscription Management

Flexible subscription and module management for end customers

Subscription and Module Management

End customers with administrator rights have the freedom to customize their subscription to fit their needs within their account. They can perform upgrades or downgrades, where an upgrade includes charging the remaining fee until the end of the current term. A downgrade retains the current subscription until its expiration date and then scales down. Cancellation of the subscription is also possible at any time. Upon cancellation, the subscription continues until the end of the term and may switch to a free subscription if available. Saaster handles automatic subscription renewals.

In the module section, customers can activate and pay for modules or cancel modules. For modules with a one-time fee, deletion is possible, but not cancellation.

  • Flexible adjustment of subscriptions (upgrade, downgrade)
  • Cancellation option for subscriptions
  • Automatic subscription renewal
  • Activation and cancellation of modules
  • Modules with a one-time fee can be deleted