Numerous Basic Features

Our open source software provides all the necessary features a SaaS platform requires, such as a registration process, user management, billing and payment features, as well as the ability to easily manage plans and modules via the GUI. Additionally, Saaster offers multi-tenancy, multilingual support, and country-specific features.

Ready to start your SaaS project: Here's how

By using Saaster, you save time and money, as you don't have to start from scratch and don't need to develop expensive base software. With Saaster, you have the ideal foundation for your SaaS project - and all at a fraction of the cost you would otherwise incur. Start now and build your own SaaS platform with Saaster!



Download Saaster and install it on your server.



Customize Saaster according to your needs and preferences.


Function Expansion

Develop (or have developed) your actual offering.



Launch your own SaaS platform and attract users.

Watch video presentation now and be amazed!

Benefits of Saaster

Use Case Scenarios

  • Create Your Own SaaS Offering
  • Developers can create tailored SaaS offerings like CRM systems, video platforms, or project management software using Saaster. Additional features and modules can be added to meet customer needs.

  • Use Without Programming
  • Saaster can also be used as standard software for various tasks, such as managing registrations, customers, invoicing, and payments.

  • Using the Saaster API
  • By integrating the Saaster API, external SaaS solutions can benefit from basic functions, including plan, module, and payment management.