Plans & Features

With Saaster, you can easily assemble SaaS subscription plans with just a few clicks.

Custom SaaS Plans

With Saaster, you can effortlessly create SaaS subscription plans with just a few clicks and customize each plan according to your preferences. Define the features and specifications exactly as you wish.

Super Dynamic Subscription Management

Global and Local Plans

Create either a global plan that applies worldwide or individual plans for each country or region.

Test Phase Management

Add a test phase to each subscription, allowing potential customers to try your services before making a purchase.

Diverse Currencies

Set prices for your subscriptions in various currencies to cater to global markets and reach customers worldwide.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Assign the appropriate value-added tax rates to ensure compliance with tax regulations in different countries.

Flexible Features

Define various features and allocate them to the plans. With 'Variables,' you can create dynamic functions that can be used for rights management during programming.

Free Subscriptions

Offer free access to selected plans to attract potential customers and increase the visibility of your product or service.