Create Modules & Plugins

Saaster enables custom software extensions through modules and plugins

Flexibility through Modules

In Saaster, it's possible to develop and integrate modules within the software. These modules can serve as interfaces that can be booked separately from the main SaaS offerings or they can be standalone programs. This opens up various possibilities, from expanding functionality to creating standalone, customer-specific solutions.

Saaster enables custom software extensions

Modular Extensions

Saaster allows for the development and integration of modules to adapt the software to individual requirements.

Diverse Modules

Modules can serve as interfaces for specific functions or standalone applications, depending on the company's needs.

Flexible Pricing

Customers can book modules separately, thus only paying for the functions they actually need.

Custom Solutions

With Saaster, you can create tailored software solutions, whether it's a portal with various interfaces or other specialized applications.


The ability to add or remove modules allows for easy scalability of the software when requirements change.

Advanced Functionality

By integrating modules, you can expand the functionality of your software and offer your customers a broader range of solutions.