The Technology Behind Saaster

The Choice of CFML and Lucee: Why Saaster Relies on This Proven Technology

CFML and Lucee

CFML & Lucee

While these technologies might not come up in every conversation about modern development languages, they have their place in the world of web development for a good reason. Discover why we chose CFML and Lucee and how they contribute to making Saaster the robust and efficient tool it is today.

A significant aspect of our decision to use CFML and Lucee was the ability to rapidly and efficiently develop high-quality software. The simple and clear syntax of CFML allows developers to focus on implementing ideas rather than getting lost in complex programming constructs. This efficiency is crucial for continuously improving Saaster and meeting the demands of our users.


What is CFML?

CFML, or ColdFusion Markup Language, is a catch-all term for a tag-based markup language (CFML) and its scripting counterpart (CFScript). It's an easy-to-learn language that abstracts away unnecessary complexity, leaving you to focus on building functionality.

Typically, you use CFML to write output templates, and CFScript to write business logic, though that's not set in stone -- you can mix and match as you wish.

Interested in learning or exploring CFML? Visit the following page: Learn Modern ColdFusion <CFML> in 100+ Minutes.


What is Lucee?

Lucee is a CFML engine that enables developers to create powerful web-based applications and deploy them on various platforms. The Lucee Application Server is open source, written in Java, and runs in a Java Servlet Container.

With Lucee, developers can build web-based systems by using CFML, a fast and user-friendly programming language. Developers write CFML files, typically one per webpage, and access them through a web browser. The Lucee Server compiles the CFML code the first time you request that page.

Lucee Documentation

Who is Behind Lucee?

Lucee is an open-source project led by the Lucee Association Switzerland, a non-profit organization based in Switzerland. This project is supported by a dedicated community of developers, programmers, and enthusiasts committed to providing powerful and accessible web development tools.

The Lucee Association Switzerland is tasked with ensuring the continued development and maintenance of the Lucee platform. Their efforts focus on promoting reliable and high-performance technology while creating a friendly and supportive environment for developers. Collaboration and knowledge sharing within the community are key priorities.

Overall, Lucee is an example of the strength of the open-source development community, where people from different parts of the world come together to create powerful and cost-effective web development tools.

Lucee Association Switzerland