What is Saaster?

Saaster is a base software for SaaS projects.

Discover Saaster

The door to open-source SaaS innovation

Saaster is the ideal base software for SaaS projects, developed for startups, agencies, and programmers. With integrated basic features like registration process, user management, billing and payment functions, Saaster provides a solid foundation. In addition to multi-tenant management, multilingual support, and modular structure, Saaster allows cost-effective setup and customization of SaaS software projects. A smart choice for starting your own SaaS initiatives.

Who is Saaster for?

Saaster is designed for companies and individuals looking to offer digital services on a subscription or fixed-price basis. Whether it's a learning platform, ERP software, or something entirely different, Saaster offers the flexibility and power to support such visions.

Saaster provides a versatile solution for aspiring SaaS providers - whether it's a startup, developer, company, or agency. You have the flexibility to develop the project yourself with Saaster (and potentially a team) or hire an agency to implement it for you.