Try Out Saaster

How to Try Our Saaster Demo Application

Try It Yourself

Saaster provides a powerful user interface for both SysAdmins (Providers) and Customers. Both have access to practical features and a user-friendly design to meet their needs. Feel free to try out both environments.

Demo as SysAdmin

If you want to test and try out the many features of Saaster yourself, you can log in to the demo environment using the following details:

Demo as SysAdmin

To test the features as a customer, please register just like an end customer would:

Test Payment

You can also test the plans we've created as a demo. To initiate a payment, you can use the following credit cards:

  • Link:
    4242424242424242 Visa
    5555555555554444 Mastercard
    378282246310005 American Express
  • Enter three random digits for the CVC and a future date for the expiration date.